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Wedding ceremony prehispanic style in Oaxaca

Nathaly lives in the United States with her partner Ronald, her biggest dream was to be able to marry in Oaxaca (Mexico) because her grandmother was originally from these lands. We were able to make this dream come true and the couple came together through a spiritual and traditional prehispanic ritual.

In this kind of ceremony we ask permission to the four directions and the four elements that made us (earth, water, fire and air), to the heart of the Sky and our dear mother Earth, from our hearts, so that the paths and energies of this couple can unite and consolidate under the designs of the Universe.

“… For some reason they crossed their paths and destiny has brought them together. Today they are present in this beautiful flowery altar. So, here in this petatl, which is the mat where you are sitting, is the place where the divine force, the divine energy of the cosmos, is interwoven, and thus life is interwoven here on Earth”.

With these words from the Elder, the ceremony of ‘Amarre de Tilma’ begins, where the couple decided to unite their souls, joining their lives in a shared path. At the foot of the hills and with a beautiful view, we celebrated this meeting, in the land of Nathaly's grandmother.

At first, the bride and groom sit on the mat, turning their backs, unable to see each other. You are about to do unite, your energies are going to become one, with the will of your souls and the love of your hearts. He has his eyes covered, as a symbol that at the beginning of the relationship they do not really see each other, they do not know each other in depth and for this reason at the beginning of the ceremony they turn their backs. This symbolizes that they came from different paths and then joined.

As the grandfather tells us, the mat on which they are sitting, symbolizes the wonderful fabric of the energies of Heaven and Earth. Love happens here on Earth, we can feel it in our bodies, while we know that it comes from something greater, from something that exceeds us, that we do not see, a superior energy.

“In their paths, they did not know each other, that is why now each one is looking in different directions. Now, they are conscious of joining their lives to live a process of unity and that moment has come, because from now both of them will always have to make decisions together in order to work in unity."

After listening to words and advices on the responsibilities that this soulful step entails, the Elder invites the couple to look at each other, now with other eyes, with an open heart, and to say a few words.

“… Because the Unity, the Union has already been confirmed and it is time for the ritual, to unite Earth with the Universe, to tie their tilmas. Our tilma is like the cosmic mantle, the mantle of stars, and with that we must always protect our family”.

We unite her shawl, with his tilma, in a symbolic act of consolidating their souls, their paths. This is the great moment of the wedding, the central point, where the union manifests itself.





As the tradition, in order to celebrate, bride and groom share food and drinks from these lands; they fed each other, tied, together, united.

The ceremony was harmoniously accompanied by songs in Zapotec language (typical of these lands).

The Union of their souls has been consecrated. Nathaly and Ronald have joined their lives to walk together; and we are happy to have helped them on this special day.


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