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Spiritual union at Playa Mermejita, Mazunte

In Tulum or Riviera Maya, you can enjoy a Mayan wedding Ceremony. In other areas of Mexico you can live the experience of a magical prehispanic ceremony.

A destination wedding in Oaxaca coast is every day more common and we are very pleased to share this wonderful pictures at Mazunte beach taken by Daniel Barragan.

A spiritual healing, a connection to the ancestral knowledge and a magical elopement experience for sure for this amazing spiritual couple: Julie and Jai.

They left a much appreciated comment for us and we wanted to share. Travel to the coast of Oaxaca for a beach wedding or a vows renewal celebration in Mexico, you won’t regret it!

We love to share our passion for mexican culture and the importance of rescuing these ancestral spiritual traditions.

All the team at Spirituality Oaxaca :)

My now husband and myself requested Spirituality Oaxaca to marry us during a small ceremony on Playa Mermejita. We were understandably hesitant given the importance of the occasion. Both of us are SO glad that we did. What we found were a group of gentle people who sincerely wanted to give an authentic, meaningful ceremony full of important life teachings. It touches me to think of the effort given for us to have such a beautiful experience.

The ceremony exceeded our expectations in its impact. Everyone involved were genuine and kind. It did not feel like a business transaction but instead an intentional prayer for our future as a couple. We loved how it was not the joining of two separate people, but recognizing that we are from one. We felt grounded that this is the same tradition across the americas. We’ll hold these memories for the rest of our lives.

We also appreciated the easy and fast communication, clarity of costs and how professional but kind everyone was. Cannot recommend enough!!

Julie & Jai


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