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Prehispanic wedding ceremony in Mazunte

Christine & Rhys decided to have a prehispanic ceremony to seal their love. They have been together for 18 years as a couple and they wanted to have a not religious nor civil ceremony.

They visited Mazunte with her daugher and his son and this was the perfect time to organize their celebration.

This beautiful beach in Mazunte is very quite and so you can have a very private ceremony.

The Elder checked before their wedding their Tonal (couple energy) and their energies are harmonic, so they actually can get together with all the chances of success. He will talk more about these complementary energies during the ceremony.

On ceremony day, everybody helped preparing the altar, as an offering to the elements earth, water, fire and air. We raise our hands in sign of respect while we ask permission to the cardinal points and the elements of nature.

The Elder will accompain the couple through different rituals of union, accompained by a sahumadora (woman with sacred incense to smudge and elevate the vibration). They will sit on top of a petate, that represents the divine energy of the cosmos.

Christine & Rhys and their sons had a great time and they were very happy, they were very thankful and enjoyed the experience.

Photography: Daniel Barragan

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