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Elopement Prehispanic Ceremony Oaxaca City

When you love someone, your intentions become pure, everything becomes more sincere, and it feels natural to show your soul to that person who makes you feel alive and brings out the best in you. You feel that you know them from other lives, from all lives. So, your greatest intention is to join that being forever, and escape secretly to places where your souls feel identified and cared for.

We take life to heart with love, its flavors and tones, which is why we are pleased to offer ideal spaces to perform our ceremonies in a rustic, discreet, warm and welcoming atmosphere, in the heart of Oaxaca.

Our Officiant and Grandfather, with experienced tradition, unites your souls, involving them in a journey through the four directions and elements, delighting them with songs, ancestral sounds, the already characteristic reading of Tonal, followed by a ritual of The Four Flavors of Life, welcoming them in protective circles with words of love, offerings of flowers and baths of mysticism and magic.

We appreciate being able to be allies again in another of these beautiful elopements. It fills us with emotion to be part of the pure intentions of two souls who love each other well. Thank you, Stephanie and Juan, for this wonderful opportunity!

Don't wait any longer to show your pure intentions. Elope now!

Photography: pacu10


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